Why Business Boost?

Business Boost International has been headquartered in the Netherlands since the company was founded in 2011. The face and driving force behind Business Boost is Kerst Doornhof.

Driven by his 30 years of experience and knowledge of political and economic chances and opportunities for SMEs on the global stage, his personal mission is to bring economic progress through collaboration at the service of companies wanting to grow.

Business Boost has its own research and liaison centre, from which we support our customers through unique data analysis.

Our employees speak 15 different languages, which means that we can approach identified potential foreign customers and partners almost always in their own language.

Business Boost has a carefully built and well-maintained network of specialists and partners in more than 30 countries.

Since its foundation in 2011, Business Boost has supported more than 1000 companies in internationalization.

Using our methodology we support companies from more than 15 different countries in their internationalization.

We have an 'always resourceful' mentality, advising our customers in an entrepreneurial way, they see us as a partner.

Business Boost is always personal and looking for the ideal balance between growth, fairness and equality and always based on mutual respect.

Socially responsible purchasing and export advice, with a clear view to boost your business.

Business Boost International

Your ethical internationalization expert