Identification and approach of new distributors

You want to increase your exports and get in touch with foreign distributors, willing to sell your product to their existing customers?

Business Boost has developed a step-by-step plan with which we have already supported more than 300 companies.

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How it works


Often you already have a country in mind where you want a new distributor to sell your products. In the first meeting, we jointly draw up the profile of this distributor. The starting point is that the distributor already has a network of potential customers for your products.

Based on the profile, Business Boost identifies a minimum of 15 potential distributors meeting the criteria. We present you a report with extensive profiles of these selected potential distributors.

By discussing the report, together we select the 8 – 10 most suitable potential distributors.

Business Boost identifies the appropriate contact persons of the shortlisted potential distributors and approaches them to ask if they are open to partnering with your company. In case of a positive response, contact details will be passed on to you immediately!

When we have feedback from all potential distributors, we present you a complete database containing reports of all contact moments.

When you want to visit the interested distributors, we can also make efficient visit schedule for you.

What you get

Immediately you can start introducing your business to a potential distributor who has the right network!


  • A longlist of at least 15 potential distributors in the selected country who meet the defined selection criteria


  • Profiles of the potential distributors, with detailed information about each identified company


  • A shortlist of the best 8 – 10 distributors
  • Introduction to potential distributors who have been contacted and have expressed an interest in working together

No more useless meetings abroad!

We have already completed over 300 distributor selections.

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