Identification and approachof new suppliers

There are many reasons why you may decide to look for new suppliers. Some examples:

  • Your existing Chinese supplier has become too expensive due to high transport costs
  • Your existing supplier fails to deliver your products on time
  • You want to reduce the physical distance between you and your supplier in order to reduce your ecological footprint

Would you like to get in touch with new suppliers who supply high-quality products at an attractive price? Business Boost has developed a step-by-step plan with which we have already supported more than 100 companies.

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How it works


You know your current suppliers and know which requirements new suppliers must meet. We jointly draw up the profile of this supplier, in the first meeting. We also determine from which countries a new supplier could come, so that Business Boost can get started in these countries.

You know the specifications of the products you want to purchase and at what price. This aspect is also discussed in the first meeting, on the basis of which a request for quotation is drawn up.

Based on the profile, Business Boost identifies at least 10 potential suppliers meeting the criteria. We present you a report with extensive profiles of these selected potential suppliers.

Discussing the report, we select the 5 most suitable potential suppliers together. We also discuss whether a new supplier must first sign a non-disclosure agreement before the request for quotation is sent.

Business Boost identifies the appropriate contact person of the shortlisted potential suppliers and approaches them with the question whether they are interested in quoting based on the request for quotation.

After receiving quotes from all interested potential suppliers, together we analyse them. Based on this, you can take over the contact yourself or we can assist you further. For example, when you want to visit the interested potential suppliers, we can also make an efficient visit schedule.

What you get

You will receive quotations from new suppliers with which you can immediately start working together!


  • Longlist of at least 10 potential suppliers in the selected countries meeting the defined selection criteria


  • Profiles of the potential suppliers, with detailed information about each identified company


  • Quotations from the top 5 suppliers
  • Introduction to potential suppliers who have submitted quotations and with whom you can start further negotiations immediately

No more irritation about existing suppliers!

We have already executed more than 100 supplier selections.

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