Identification and approach of new customers

Do you want to increase your export and get in touch with potential foreign customers?
Business Boost has developed a step-by-step plan with which we have already supported more than 250 companies.

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How it works


You already have a country in mind where you want to approach new customers. Often you also know the profile of your potential customer like no other. We determine the customer profile in the first meeting and Business Boost will get to work for you in the selected country.

Based on the customer profile, we identify 100 potential customers in the selected country. You will receive the database of these companies and on that basis we select at least 50 companies that will then be approached.

Business Boost approaches each potential customer individually. We identify the right contact person in the company and start the approach both by telephone and in writing. During the conversation we present your company and products and as soon as there is interest we will let you know immediately.

After feedback from all potential customers, we present you a complete database in which reports of all contact moments are included. In addition, you will receive a separate database with the potential customers who have shown a direct interest! These are warm leads with which you can instantly shape your export.

When your export manager wants to visit the warm leads, we can also make a visit schedule based on which an efficient trip can be made to the potential customers.

What you get

Start your first visit to your new export country with new qualified customer contacts!


  • A list of 100 new potential customers in a country selected by you
  • The right contacts of the 50 most interesting potential customers selected by you


  • A database with warm leads - Customers who have expressed initial interest in cooperation
  • Obtained additional information, through the call logs included in the database
  • A call logbook with an overview of all contact moments with the identified potential customers


  • A program for visiting all potential customers, that will make the journey efficient for your employee to the target country

Focus your export sales on warm leads!

We have already completed more than 250 international customer identifications.

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